Inviting the global 1% to award “beyond stars” to their favourite travel professionals – and to discover new travel experiences in the process

About the BBAT (B Beyond Art of Travel) Awards

BBAT is a unique award in that we only invite the highest bracket of hospitality/travel industry professionals to participate. This is consistent with our demographic, which is the most-travelled, discerning and affluent in the world, and the corporate community that caters to that demographic.

Why participate?

Travel professionals and marketers are well aware of the fact that the A1 demographic is eminently mobile, straddling several continents.  How does the typical wealthy individual choose their mode of transportation, their destination, and their accommodation?

There are a number of criteria in the making of the choice. These are based on personal and /or business interests/imperatives. The overriding criteria, however, are endorsement by others in the same peer group (i.e. A1 demographic) and quality of the experience.

The BBAT Awards offer this A1 demographic the opportunity to participate in a “Beyond Star” awarding concept by nominating their favourite establishments/travel professionals in nine main and several sub-categories.

The award represents a distinctive endorsement/ recommendation offered directly by a very exclusive set of very wealthy individuals/influencers to a highly targeted set of their peers globally.

How does it work?

The BBAT awards are based on nine main and several sub-categories.

For example, the Best Individual Hotel experience will have sub-categories for ski, sun, adventure, culinary, afloat or safari experiences.

Past and current individuals profiled in B Beyond magazine and members of the extended BBIC (B Beyond Inner Circle) are invited to nominate their favourite establishments/professionals in each category. These are then grouped into sub-categories by us.

Separately, we invite establishments that we consider to exemplify “The Art of Travel” to submit an application to be considered for the awards.

A panel of judges, including some of the nominators and a number of highly experienced travel writers, is given the list of all participants – nominated and by application –  and asked to award a number of “beyond stars” to each participant.

Based on their rating, we select overall winners in each category and sub-category.

How do I know my entry will be judged by ultra-wealthy individuals?

B Beyond has, since its inceptions, profiled and engaged some of the most powerful and influential individuals on the planet.  A quick look at our “Interviews of all times” on the home page of B Beyond Magazine will illustrate the point. These individuals are part of a unique ‘peer to peer’ proprietary network –  our readers and subscribers – and include, among others,

David RockefellerT Boone Pickens, Kirsty Bertarelli, Nicolas Beggruen, Shafik Gabr, Dakis Joannou, David Khalili, HRH the Queen of Bhutan

What does the award consist of?

The physical awards, designed by an artist, are offered to both winning and runner-up establishments to display as they see fit. An e-award button will similarly be sent to display on websites and promotional platforms and literature.

Do I get anything out of this if I am not a winner in one of the main or sub-categories?

Yes.  The “beyond star” system means that each participating establishment will be able to display a “beyond star” e-award on their website, based on the rating given by the panel of judges.

Additionally, all award participants will be profiled in a special complementary edition of B Beyond Magazine, which will be distributed alongside the Winter issue.

An award ceremony dinner will be held early December, when the winners and runners-up will be presented with the physical awards. The dinner will be a unique opportunity to meet some of the judges and nominators invited and will be limited to 200. The dinner will have a philanthropic element.

Although B Beyond and its sister book imprint are the group’s flagship set of publications, participants will also have the option of being featured on any/all of the following sister websites:

What is the cut-off date for participation?

30th September each year

Who can participate and how?

Participation is by invitation only and requires you to fill a simple registration form.

A one-off administration fee applies.

Why do we have to pay a fee?

The fee covers year-long promotion through our print and digital publications. It also allows us to put forth your participation in front of the panel of BBAT judges in a meaningful way.

Lastly, you get to be invited to ours and our partners’ branded events in different parts of the world.

We donate 20% of each admin fee to our cultural foundation (, a UK-registered charity. This portion of he participation fee can be claimed off tax if applicable to you.