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Anthony Russell Art Exhibition

Anthony Russell, the Kenya-born conservationist best known for his Shompole Lodge concept in the Maasai Mara, had an exhibition of his works in London last week.

It isn’t easy to do justice to these unique, powerful and VERY large pieces through computer images and writing alone.  As with all art, they have to be seen “live” to be properly appreciated – except a little more so in this case.

The breathing beauty of Africa is captured in the amazing panoply of antique and new photography, tribal art and organic matter, fused all in one, glazed with resin and heavily framed in thick blackened wood or old leather birthing mats.

Anthony Russell’s works have a global following among collectors, many of them international celebrities who have got to know him on art safaris across Africa.

A proportion of the proceeds from sales go to support conservation projects on the continent – projects that Anthony has championed for years – and local tribal craftsmen.

Further exhibitions will be held under the patronage of the Linveco Cultural Foundation, however, because of the size, constituent elements and intricacy of the works, supply is and will be limited.

To reserve a work or to view in London, contact Violet Jones on

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