BB Inner Circle

The BB Inner Circle (BBIC)

The BB Inner Circle (BBIC) is a private events platform for major philanthropists, collectors and outstanding individuals.

Typical BBIC members are art patrons and collectors, philanthropists, financiers, innovative thinkers and influencers and include  past, current and future interviewees of B Beyond magazine.

Our members have a variety of interests in common and value our introductions.

We recognise that meaningful relationships, whether business or personal, are forged on the basis of shared ideas and memorable experiences.

We make it possible for our members to engage on a deeper level and form lasting relationships.

We do so by isolating the “noise” and cutting out the irrelevant encounters, and by focusing instead on what is important.

BBIC is, above all, a cultural exchange with a philanthropic dimension, and a patron of the Linveco Cultural Foundation (LCF).

Becoming a Friend or Patron of LCF guarantees membership to BBIC and access to all of its events.

We have regular dinners in different locations and  informal gatherings and cultural debates in between dinners.

Images of a few events can be seen here.

To enquire about membership, please e-mail us.

BBIC Corporate Partnership

To enquire about corporate partnership, please e-mail us.