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Immortality through philanthropy

New York’s Lincoln Center has attracted an array of ultra wealthy individuals (or their spouses) to sit on its board of directors. In exchange, it has offered a piece of immortality by naming key buildings after its distinguished patrons.
The list reads like a non-profit’s dream come true: David Rubenstein (the Center’s vice chair of the board), Julian Robertson, David H. Koch, Carl Icahn, Bruce Kovner, Daisy Soros…
Quite apart from donations, this means a great deal of clout in the fundraising and prestige stakes.
Meantime, less savvy and less well-connected charities are seeing their donations slashed because of the global economic meltdown.
A great number of foundations exist, in fact, only through the generosity of their own founders.
Our own hard cover publication on philanthropy will be looking at the motivations of the good and great and how philanthropy has evolved in the last two decades.

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