Dream Weaver

by Milena Cvijanovich

To sleep, perchance to dream. Ay, but soundly and with a good conscience. And yet, in sumptuous luxury on a handcrafted, king-sized bed fit for a monarch. In fact, it’s called The Majesty.

The Majesty’s thick mattress has 6,240 pocket springs, each spring individually constructed by an artisan, stuffed with natural materials and sewn by hand, a disappearing craft. The magnificent mattress is covered in exquisite layers of silk and cashmere blended with lambswool and cotton. The sheets are made of the smoothest, finest, organic cotton. Your privileged head rests lightly on pillows covered in organic silk slips of a dreamy texture, the finish a product of a 2,000-year-old process using natural Indian soap nut. The divan is hewn from beech wood intelligently harvested from sustainable forests. Snug like a baby, you doze or sip or indulge in who knows what naughtiness under a soft, warm duvet made from the delicate wool of baby Alpacas who roam free in the 5,000-metre highlands of Peru. No need to worry about these creatures. The baby alpacas have been peacefully grazing on sweet, natural grass that has never been touched by chemicals. Tended by shepherds practicing the philosophy of Pachamama to maintain harmony between people and earth, they are carefully sheared, gently relieved of their better-than-cashmere wool to make your divine duvet. And yes, it grows right back.

No, you are not dreaming…at least not yet. “THe Majesty” is the pinnacle of sustainable luxury. Only a privileged few can afford the finest, most beautiful, handmade things. And now, while indulging yourself in this plush “somatic ensemble”, you will be promoting authentic craftsmanship, pure and noble materials, the renewing of the environment and ancient skills handed down through generations…

Price: $84,500.00

The bed is made in the UK by Vi-Spring ( The bed linens are for sale by order from Anna Sova Luxury Organics (