Appealing to all the Senses in Monaco

Who: Nicholas Loubser
What: Tous Les Sens
Contact: Tel +33 6 43 91 35 80

What brings people to the Riviera? A sense of adventure, the high life, copious measures of sunlight, and – without a doubt – the fresh seasonal produce. No wonder that the area has attracted, and continues to attract, some of the most skilful chefs, restaurateurs and lovers of food to its bountiful shores.


One such is Nicholas Loubser. Descended from ancient Languedoc stock, his roots are firmly embedded in the Mediterranean terroir, whose secrets he has been cultivating for twenty years – many of them spent as executive manager and chef on the exclusive island of Frégate in the Seychelles. An expert in the choice of ingredients, his services on Frégate ranged from barbecues and candlelit dinners to tours of the island’s greenhouses and plantations and entertaining in his private garden.

Now his expertise has brought Loubser to Monaco, where he has established Tous Les Sens to answer to every gastronomic requirement of resident and visitor alike. To call his company a catering business does it a great disservice; this is a world of gourmet delight, to which Loubser contributes a wealth of knowledge garnered not only from Creole cuisine of the Seychelles but also many years’ experience in the UK, China and India.


Rather than setting up a restaurant, Loubser has appreciated that many of his clients wish to lunch or dine in the luxury of their yacht, villa, or in some specially-chosen location. He and his team produce highly customized menus, arranging everything from the sourcing of fantastically fresh products to the carefully-designed table plan. And the cuisine is both astonishing and exotically-flavoured, his dishes adorned with sun-ripened figs, walnut bread, a suffusion of truffle oil, and refreshing lavender and orange.

If you are arranging a Monaco Grand Prix get-together or are spending time this summer sailing in the Mediterranean, Nicholas Loubser promises an experience which will appeal, literally, to all your senses… and those of your guests!


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