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British philanthropist John Caudwell’s ‘Thin Air’ campaign for the homeless

Charismatic philanthropist John Caudwell has come up with an ingenious idea to help alleviate London’s accute homelessness crisis which is set to go in one direction – up!

He has been granted permission to develop a Mayfair car park into ultra high end residential apartments, but wants to add an extra two storeys into the “thin air” above – and donate the proceeds to strapped for cash London councils.

The Thin Air Foundation was launched today and has a petition form you can sign.

Given the magnitude of the housing crisis, we think any injection of funds is a good thing. The offer comes with no strings attached and wouldn’t cost the tax payer a penny.

The development itself promises to trump all others for desirability and should John decide to add an office section, BBP is staking a claim on the first swish space.

Readers, watch THIS space!