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The Shafik Gabr Foundation launches the Gabr Fellowship



The Shafik Gabr Foundation and Humanity in Action launches the Gabr Fellowship.

The Fellowship is an innovative international educational exchange created to foster greater understanding and cooperation among emerging leaders in Egypt and the United States. It will take place from June 2-16 in Egypt and from October 19 – November 2 in the United States.


The Fellowship was established on the initiative of Shafik Gabr and is generously sponsored by the Shafik Gabr Foundation. It will be organized by Humanity in Action.


The Gabr Fellowship will bring together a diverse group of 20 promising young professionals from across Egypt and the United States – 10 Egyptians and 10 Americans. Together, they will travel to both the United States and Egypt to develop a better and in depth understanding of each other’s societies, customs, traditions, religions, politics, law, art, science and both social and business environments. Moreover, they will meet with renowned public figures to explore challenges faced by their societies and the global community today. The range of topics will be broad to reflect complicated and interconnected issues: fine arts and literature, religion, history, commerce and trade, international affairs, development, poverty and income distribution, mass communications, media and technology, environmental protection, political and legal systems, science and public health.


Designed as high-level introductions to complex topics, these sessions will be intellectually rigorous and will form the basis for further inquiry. The Gabr Fellows will be required to develop collaborative action projects to address one or more of the issues discussed relating to art, science, media, law or entrepreneurship. By implementing these projects, the Fellows will bring their experience during the program to impacttheir peers and societies with the objective of sustainable bridge building.


Through collective learning, the Gabr Fellows will acquire a greater understanding of both Egypt and the United

States and the mutual challenges the countries face. The fellows will be interpreters for one another as they confront issues common to their Egyptian and American societies. The Fellowship is designed not only to introduce these emerging leaders to shared challenges, but also to create a network of Egyptians and Americans who can candidly and constructively address national and international issues in the future. Their ongoing collaborations will be the Gabr Fellowship’s legacy.


The first year of the Gabr Fellowship, “East-West: The Art of Dialogue” will establish a foundation for future transnational cooperation and exchange. The Shafik Gabr Foundation intends to continue to broaden the initiative’s scope and impact by multiplying both its programs and participating countries. Additional financial support from Eastern and Western corporations and philanthropists will continue this initiative.

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